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Monitor keystrokes for safety and confidence.

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“I was surprised how easy KeyGhost was to install. The very epitome of plug and play.”
Computer Active

“KeyGhost excels in every department.”
Acid Hardware

“We were unable to defeat the KeyGhost… we tried everything… KeyGhost amazed us.”
Mostly Creative Workshop

“What do I think of this thing? Well, let's put it this way. If you want it, you'll have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers.”
Dan’s Data


User Comments

“KeyGhost just reduced my stress almost 100%!”
Baron R. K. Von Wolfsheild
(Appeared in Time magazine, 15 years experience in games design, responsible for such classic games as Galactic Invasion and Firepower)



Its Simple to Record and Retrieve Keystrokes with KeyGhost SX

To begin recording activity, simply plug KeyGhost SX between the keyboard and PC.
With a small amount of practice this should take you less than 5 seconds.

Quick fitting instructions

Once KeyGhost SX is attached it begins recording immediately.
Note: Most modern PCs do not need to be powered off to attach KeyGhost SX.
You can quickly test if your PC falls into this category by unplugging and plugging in your keyboard (there is no need to attach a KeyGhost for this test).
If it still works after the test, then KeyGhost can be installed without the need to power down the PC.

Software computer monitoring products are extremely difficult to use.
KeyGhost provides very easy installation and operation.


If the KeyGhost can record keys that are typed on the keyboard, it can also generate 'Ghost' keystrokes. The computer will think that you typed them on your keyboard.

1. Open up your choice of text editor (word processor) on your particular operating system. For Windows this can be WordPad (recommended), Notepad or Edit.

[ typing something to test the recording ]
Dear KeyGhost
As I am typing this in my editor, I am about to read all keystrokes typed on this machine. To trigger the download process, I type the PUC password:

2. Type your password into the editor.
The KeyGhost device recognizes the keystrokes, and gets ready to download the log.
Note: The chance of anyone else typing this password by mistake is less than 1 in 4 billion billion.

mykgpassword [ this triggers the download ]

3. The KeyGhost generates keystrokes to send to the computer. It looks like there is a 'phantom typist' typing in your editor:

Hit 'c' to slow down menu [ For compatibility with older Desktop PCs]

KeyGhost SX Std 512KB v8.8 [ Model, Memory-Capacity and Firmware Version]

Menu >

1) Entire log download [ get entire log ]
2) Section log download [ get part of log ]
3) Erase log [ erase log quickly ]
4) Format [ securely wipe log (slower) ]
5) Options [ filter or record arrow keys]
6) Optimize speed [ increase the retrieval speed ]
7) Password change [ change PUC password ]
8) eXit [ exit the access menu ]

Select > _

4. Type the number '1' to select download of keystrokes.

Select> 1
5. The KeyGhost becomes a 'phantom typist' again, filling up the editor with the keystrokes typed so far. Pressing and holding any key at any time will stop the download (this allows for a quick stealthy exit if required).

Downloading log ... Keys recorded so far 500000 out of 523744 ....

[the previous 499500 keystrokes...]

[PWR] [ computer power switched on ]
[CTRL-ALT-DEL] [ user pressed ctrl-alt-del to log on ]
administrator[TAB] [ user typed username ]
fabeljeskerat#42 [ user typed password ]

Dear KeyGhost
As I am typing this, I am about to read all keystrokes typed on this machine. [CTRL+S]. [ user saved work
using key combination ]

To trigger the download process, I type the PUC password:

.. finished downloading log
6. You can now save the file from the text editor for later reference

7. The KeyGhost device is now back in transparent mode, quietly logging keystrokes.

8. Similarly, one can download any portion of the log, and change the PUC password used to access the log.
See a complete description of the KeyGhost SX menu options


KeyGhost is completely undetectable by software spyware scanners (e.g. SpyCop, Who’s Watching Me...etc) and provides you with one of the most powerful stealth surveillance applications offered anywhere.

Kit Includes: KeyGhost SX. Instruction sheet. Warranty card. Tamper evident seal.
Example notification banner as recommended by U.S. Department of Justice.

System Requirements:
Desktop IBM PC compatible. PS/2 (small round plug) keyboard.
KeyGhost SX works on ALL PC operating systems (Windows 95,98,ME,NT,XP,2000 Linux, Beos, OS/2, Dos, Sun Solaris).

> PLEASE NOTE: USB keyboards (small rectangular plug) are not currently supported.

We respect your privacy and security. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.
Tel: +64 3 379-3883. Fax: +64 3 379-3885. Email:
Postal Address: KeyGhost LTD, P.O.Box 3279, Christchurch 8001, New Zealand.
Physical Address: 109 Montreal Street, Christchurch, New Zealand.

NATO Classification Information
KeyGhost LTD (NATO supplier) NCAGE Code E1969

'KeyGhost' is a Registered Trademark of KeyGhost Ltd. 'KeyStream' and 'KeyGhost SX' are Trademarks of KeyGhost Ltd - Patents Pending.
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