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Monitor keystrokes for safety and confidence.

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“KeyGhost Ltd’s market-leading keystroke monitoring security solutions are in place at more than 100 Fortune 1000 companies and government entities.”


Productivity, Resource Conservation, Security, Liability, Intellectual Property Incidents.


“Analyst firms suggest that as many as 70% to 90% of security breaches come from the inside”

Keyloggers are one of the most valuable tools your company can use


KeyGhost used as security tool.
Computer users who want to monitor activity on their own PC will find the KeyGhost most helpful. For example, top executives who hold confidential files on their office PC, can use the KeyGhost keystroke recorder to detect unauthorised entry, tampering, or use of their PC.
KeyGhost can help protect IP assets.

KeyGhost used as an investigation tool.
Currently, security professionals in private and government organisations are one of the most common groups using the KeyGhost. For example, investigators can use it as a monitoring device to establish an audit trail on a suspect's computer; auditors, receivers and liquidators can use it to create an unalterable log of all electronic communication on their client's computers.
Users of KeyGhost know the importance of being informed.

KeyGhost used as a deterrent.
Order a KeyGhostIf employees are aware that KeyGhost keystroke recorders have been installed, or that their keyboard is a 'KeyGhost Security Keyboard', it is very likely that unauthorised uses of the computer will be reduced. The employees will know that the likelihood of being caught increases with the installation of such a device. The KeyGhost makes it easy to monitor the use of internet, chat rooms and email.
KeyGhost can help avoid trouble in the office.

KeyGhost used as a back up tool.
The KeyGhost provides peace of mind. The KeyGhost keystroke recorder reduces the level of stress caused by the loss of work due to system lockups or electricity failure. Systems developers, who have used a KeyGhost during our market testing, claim that it reduced their stress level by 100%. Professional writers who need protection from unexpected systems failure can use KeyGhost. Retrieval of data is very easy and does not need extensive computer knowledge.
KeyGhost adds real-time backup safety to your data entry systems.


KeyGhost SX

KeyGhost SX uses a Patent Pending method to enable the highest speed transfer currently achievable - over 450 characters per second - without the need for special adapters, or even to unplug the device.*

Kit Includes: KeyGhost SX keystroke recorder. Instruction sheet. Warranty card. Tamper evident seal. Example notification banner as recommended by U.S. Department of Justice.

System Requirements:
Desktop IBM PC compatible. PS/2 (small round plug) keyboard.
KeyGhost SX works on ALL PC operating systems (Windows 95,98,ME,NT,XP,2000 Linux, Beos, OS/2, Dos, Sun Solaris).

* Patent Pending high-speed transfer mode - 'KeyStream'™ - will work with most modern Desktop PCs.

> PLEASE NOTE: USB keyboards (small rectangular plug) are not currently supported.

We respect your privacy and security. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.
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Postal Address: KeyGhost LTD, P.O.Box 3279, Christchurch 8001, New Zealand.
Physical Address: 109 Montreal Street, Christchurch, New Zealand.

NATO Classification Information
KeyGhost LTD (NATO supplier) NCAGE Code E1969

'KeyGhost' is a Registered Trademark of KeyGhost Ltd. 'KeyStream' and 'KeyGhost SX' are Trademarks of KeyGhost Ltd - Patents Pending.
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